Topdeck Cave Restaurant – Goreme in Turkey

Goreme is a town bang in the centre of Turkey amidst the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. It has its fair share of good restaurants but we received a reliable recommendation to go in search of the Topdeck Cave Restaurant. Our hotel kindly made a reservation for us.

I have no idea why it is called Topdeck, but getting there did involve a climb. The streets of Goreme are quite steep and Topdeck is rather hidden away in a tiny side street. Luckily there are plenty of street signs to guide customers.

The restaurant is hollowed into the bedrock which gives it a wonderful atmosphere. It is not too big, probably seating around 30. Some of the seating is on the floor, which is apparently a great way to experience their traditional Turkish food. Please excuse the awful photograph, which shows the different types of seating. I took this at the end of the night. We were the last to leave and the restaurant was full for most of the evening.

Topdeck Cave Restaurant in Goreme, Turkey

We entered past the kitchen, which was a hive of activity. But the owner, who was cooking feverishly, took the time to greet us nonetheless. We were then shown to our table by the owner’s young daughter. Service in a restaurant is not an easy thing to provide.  Every customer is different and it is the skill of the waiter or waitress to decide how much attentiveness is needed. The owner’s daughter at Topdeck seems to overcome this whole problem with the most infectious of enthusiasm. She is a credit to the restaurant and our brief conversations (she speaks very good English) were a highlight of the meal.

The food too was great. We tried a selection of what they were cooking, all of which was delicious. I foolishly forgot to take a photograph. First we had Turkish Meze which was the best that we had in Turkey, particularly the Cheese Rolls. This was followed by an insanely tender Lamb Shank with local vegetables. The lamb was delicious. It is worth mentioning that we were recommended to share a main course, which was excellent advice. We both have fairly large appetites and we were not left hungry.

The cost was very reasonable and having also tried the Pumpkin Goreme Restaurant which offered a similar and pretty good experience (less the excellent waitress) we thought Topdeck was noticeably better. I would recommend a visit if you want to try some superb home cooked Turkish food.

They have no website it seems, but Tripadvisor link here:

Map here:


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