My Favourite Beaches

I’m having a day of aimless pondering and reminiscence. Which inevitably leads my mind to my travels, and today, for no particular reason I thought about some of the great beaches I’ve been luck enough to relax on.

Now my idea of a great beach is possibly nothing like yours. I like my beaches natural, clean, preferably devoid of other people and I enjoy some lively waves. I also like to be able to get my hands on a cold drink easily. And I don’t do pebble beaches.

So I’m not fussy then 🙂

First up, how about this little gem at Mirleft in Morocco?


It is hidden away from the main town and has only a handful of buildings set up against the cliffs. There are two places to stay and two places to eat – not that they appear to be restaurants. You just walk up looking hungry and the next thing you know you are eating tagine in the company of 20 friendly stray cats.

Then I remembered the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia. It’s a bit of a mission getting to these two islands, involving a flight from Kuala Lumpur, a taxi south along the coast and then a 30 minute boat ride. But it’s worth it.


The sand is soft, the water is clear and warm and the fresh fish is wonderful.

The biggest surprise I’ve ever had in terms of beaches is New Zealand. Not being one for research I hadn’t really expected much from the coastline of NZ but my arrival in Abel Tasman National Park put paid to that.


As I walked along the coastal path through the park I passed beach after beach that would not look out of place in Thailand. All had perfectly clear water, rocky jungle backdrops and clean white sand. Sadly the water was bloody freezing, and I say that as Brit, but I swum anyway (because I’m a Brit).

My favourite Thai island is Ko Lanta. The west coast is lined with beach after beach. Choosing the right beach is easy too. The further south you go the quieter and more natural they get, finishing up with the beaches of the National Park at the southern tip of the island.

I found this lovely beach just before the National Park. It was almost deserted and a friendly local was on hand to sell me ice cold Coke.

My longing for beach perfection seems to be drawing me to The Philippines. I’ve read a lot about the stunning beaches with tiny villages proving the all important sustenance and shelter. The Philippines sits very high up my bucket list.

What’s your favourite beach? Have you found the perfect beach? What beaches should I avoid?

Let me know…


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Beaches”

  1. I know about Perhentians and Koh Lanta, but haven’t been to either of them yet. For me, White Beach in Boracay, or Ngapali Beach in Myanmar are the best in Asia…though worldwide I would sure love to get to Copacabana in Rio! 😉

    1. Burma and The Philippines are both places I really want to get too. The beaches in The Philippines look a cut above what I have experienced so far.
      We missed out Brazil when we were in South America, but I loved the Peruvian beaches in the north, in a desolate and slightly grungy kind of way.

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