Gatwick to New York for £299? It Seems Not.

Earlier in 2014 Norwegian Air launched their budget flights to New York from London Gatwick at £149 each way. The fact that it was supposedly possible to fly directly to New York from the UK for under £300 return was a bit of a watershed moment. I couldn’t recall a standard price for this prestigious route being under £300 for many years.

Six months on, I thought I might eventually take advantage of this bargain flight offering so I took a closer look. Only to find that the each way cost of £149 doesn’t exist.

The very best price I could find on the Norwegian website was around £350 return, but this was only at very specific times during 2015. This is still not too bad, but barely any better than the typical fares of £380 ish offered by Virgin, Delta and the like.

Reviews of the Norwegian service are varied, and mention charges being made for water and blankets. I’m well used to budget flights, and I am happy to deal with these additional lines of revenue, but only if the headline flight price is truly at budget level. It seem to me that Norwegian is not though. Which is a real shame.


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