Honest Burgers – A Great British Burger

4a Meard Street
London W1F 0EF
+44 (0)20 3609 9524


I’ve always loved burgers and I always try and check out the burger scene when I travel. My passion for burgers was really ignited in New Zealand in 2011. There the burger seems to have become an institution, with every town and city being proud of their own champion. I’m not talking big chain restaurants either – these were all small independents with an almost fanatical following. My personal favourite in New Zealand was Fergburger in Queenstown, which has legendary status amongst travellers.

But anyway, to Honest Burgers. I don’t go to London very often but the excitement caused by Honest reached me well in advance of my trip. Good news does indeed travel far and wide it seems. Thus I decided to seek them out whilst I was in London for New Year. Created in 2011 by two guys, the excitement for good burgers in London has quickly led to them opening a total of 9 restaurants. I went to their small and well hidden restaurant in Soho, which almost seems out of place in a fairly quiet residential street.

The buzz for burgers, and food in general, seems to have created a strange phenomenon here in the UK. Queuing for a table. I know Brits love to queue, but less so for a table in a restaurant I would say. I had read about the need to often queue at Honest Burgers though, so I went prepared.

As it transpired I actually became the front of the queue when I arrived. After being told that the wait for a table inside was going to be lengthy my smile faded and I motioned to leave, only to be quickly offered a seat outside. They actually have a couple of heaters and blankets to make eating outside a little more appealing in these cold months. A nice touch.

I ordered their basic burger, named “Beef”, which comes filled with a little lettuce and a dollop of onion relish. The burger was cooked to perfection, pink and juicy, and the onion relish seemed to be an ideal match. The chips, of which I got plenty, were crispy and satisfying, with just a hint of rosemary. As I was feeling like I needed a treat I also had a portion of their fat and crunchy onion rings. Delicious.

Honest Burger - The

(Image taken from www.honestburgers.co.uk , because quite frankly I am not capable of taking a decent photograph of food.)

I think I am a little fussy when it comes to burgers. Simple things can really ruin the pleasure of eating one for me. But I had no such problems at Honest Burger. The whole meal was superb – as evidence by the satisfied and slightly gormless grin on my face during my visit.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend honest burger. It seems to me to be the perfect place to get a handle on the great British Burger.


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